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quickbooks trust accounting

You receive a $5000 check from Robert Andersen to be deposited into the trust account. Record a bank deposit into Client Trust subaccount 1105 Andersen, Robert, crediting Client Trust Liability subaccount 2105 Andersen, Robert. How TimeSolv helps law firms boost profitability For law firms, everything depends on…

quickbooks trust accounting

They make it easy so you can get things done and take your trust accounting off your to-do list. QuickBooks simply doesn’t have trust accounting knowledge.


I have not found any other system that comes close to combining practicality, accessibility, and dedication to trust accounts. Before TrustBooks, my monthly reconciliations were agonizing as I balanced accounts, used multiple spreadsheets, and numerous bank statements. Contact us if you need help setting up sub-accounts or creating procedures to manage your trust clients. Make sure you have quickbooks trust accounting clear documentation and are transparent with your client on how and when you will move funds from their trust account to your business account. Make sure to only write checks that you have funds to cover. Overdrawing a trust account is immediately reported to the State and has unpleasant consequences. The following explains trust accounting in QuickBooks Online without the help of LeanLaw.

These transfers had to be deleted even though they were already reconciled. LawPay allows you to process trust and operating account credit card payments properly. Payment links can be shared with customers so they can pay instantly. Lawcus gives you the ability to add multiple operating and trust accounts and also let’s you transfer funds between accounts.


This group of lines transfers 100% of the cleaning fee out of the owner funds of the trust account and allocates it entirely to the property manager. This group of lines transfers 20% of the accommodation fare out of the owner funds of the trust account and allocates it to the property manager.

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Now when you run the report, those clients will not show and you will only have active trust clients on the report. After I got done reconciling, I went back to the balance sheet and now my bank balance matched my liability balance.

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If you created a separate trust liability bank account, select that account now. Using spreadsheets, it was a painstaking process of trying to locate where errors originated when performing my monthly reconciliations. However, using TrustBooks, my trust accounting is essentially error- and stress-free. At least with the 3-part one write system, the transactions were visible and easy to find. Conversely, QuickBooks would make their own designated entries, making it much more difficult to find errors and balance the trust accounts. Now let’s talk about the costs you pay as a lawyer on behalf of your clients. Hard costs are the costs incurred by your law firm, whereby you directly pay the vendor on your client’s behalf.

quickbooks trust accounting

Mark the “Subaccount Of” check box and select “Client Trust Accounts.” The reality is that my accountant does not know the rules for the state bar. I alone had to know all the rules – the current requirements and the new requirements when they come out. There are some rules that differ by state with regard to how money is received. It’s important to go over these rules with your accountant or bookkeeper. There are rules that differ by state with regard to how money is received. Organize and simplify your firm’s client intake process.

Profit & Loss by Customer

In this article we’ll cover answers to these two questions. You invoice a client for your services and withdraw funds from the Trust account to pay the invoice. The balances in the Client Trust Liability accounts must always match the balances in the Client Trust accounts.